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Ancients I: Deathwatch
Ancients I: Deathwatch Screenshot This is a role playing game similar to the old dungeon master games. You can control up to four characters which you can design before you start the game. The fights are slightly different though as when you fight in Ancients 1, the rest of the game stops and a different screen is displayed showing your characters and the enemy. You can then attack, cast spells or run like hell.

Your characters start off in a town and you have to go down into the sewers and fight against big rats and things like that (like a lot of RPG's).

The graphics look dated because it is a few years old and there is more sound in a silent movie than in this game. - Paul Crossland

Download: Zip File
Publisher: Epic
Distribution: Shareware
Size: 497kb
Players: 1
Rating: 2/5

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