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Bubble Puzzle 97
Bubble Puzzle 97 Screenshot This game made me laugh when I started playing it. Bubble Puzzle 97 is very similar to Bubble which is kind of a ball stacking game, with very similar playing style to Tetris, but there's something completely different in this game - user crafted puzzles. When you start playing you begin to get hooked, especially if you like those strange games like Tetris, Columns or Klax.

You start off with a bunch of different coloured bubbles at the top of the tray and you are given a bubble loaded into your cannon style pointer where you have to aim and then fire. You have to match three or more bubbles the same colour to get rid of them, any bubbles hanging below them will drop too. You have to get rid of all the bubbles to continue to next level. Each level has a strange puzzle, where you have to think before you fire and you begin to realise that the bubbles given to you, are given to you again in the right order when you play the level again. So you have to kinda think of a strategy of where to place the bubbles.

When you progress through the levels, strangely enough you begin to think, "THIS WON'T TAKE LONG!" when actually the level will take you a fair time to complete. What makes this game a bit tough is on levels when your cannon moves left and right and then you have to be quick at timing and aim wisely. The levels aren't randomly generated they were hand crafted. All you need to create the levels is a text editor and a good imagination for design. Have a look at the files in the following directory; "c:\Program Files\Bubble\Level\" to give you the general idea of how to create levels.

It's the DONG or GONE word (in the game) that made me laugh, but after hearing it so many times, you begin to forget about laughing and decide to concentrate on the game. It's a very strange and unique game with 50 strange puzzles, with fun graphics that will keep you busy for hours. - Paul Burden

Download: Exe File
Publisher: Conmeg
Distribution: Freeware
Size: 1.4mb
Players: 1
Rating: 5/5

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