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3D Bomber Screenshot Remember Galaga?  Bugatron brings back all the fun of Galaga, but in shiny 3D.  Your goal is familiar, shoot all the invading bugs and don't get shot.  Levels are very unique in this game, there's even one where it's more like a racing game than a Galaga game. Of coursem, there are a host of powerups, the coolest of which is the ability to capture an enemy ship and have it fight on your side.  Another neat one is the "wrecking ball" that lets your ship swing a big ball-and-chain to whack out the invading bugs.  This game requires a 3D card, but even a slow one should run it fine.  It's well worth it, because the graphics and music are spectacular.

Download: Exe File
Publisher: Retro64
Distribution: Shareware
Size: 3.9mb
Players: 1
Rating: 5/5

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