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Carvin Screenshot Snowboarding is an odd theme for freeware sports-game, so I guess you could say this game is kinda original. The idea of this game is to clear through 10 hills, while scoring points by collecting 'tokens'. If you think your score was great, you can save the replay of your race and send it to the games homepage, where the real scoreboard is held.

Gameplay is easy. You move your character just pressing either left or right, and if you get stuck in a wall, you can press spacebar to get on the track again. The graphics are good, but the only sound you hear during the game is a 'beep', played through the one and only: PC-Speaker.

Sadly,there are several problems in the game preventing it from getting a better score. First, the game is way too easy. The 10 short tracks take about 5 minutes to complete and this is done in the first trial. Secondly, there is no in-game hiscore list and you can save only one replay. This is Really depressing, if you can't remember your own hiscore. Thirdly ,you can go through walls in couple of levels and there's no way of getting out of them, so you have to start again.

Nevermind the problems though, the game is fun for a while and well worth while downloading considering its small size. - Tero Kerttula

Download: Zip File
Publisher: P. Hoffman
Distribution: Freeware
Size: 358kb
Players: 1-2
Rating: 4/5

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