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C-Dogs Screenshot C-Dogs is the sequel to Cyberdogs. They are both shoot'em ups that that are viewed from above. I have already reviewed Cyberdogs a while back and I thought that it was quite good. C-Dogs expands on the original by having more weapons, missions and a death match option.

The basic theme of the game is to go around blowing the crap out of the enemy with a number of different guns and one or two missions to accomplish at the same time.

Basically C-Dogs is very similar to Cyberdogs especially the sound and graphics but C-dogs has more playability because of the missions, explosive weapons and the death match.

The sound and graphics are not bad, but this game is about gamplay and it has plenty of it. - Paul Crossland

Download: Zip File
Publisher: Ronny Wester
Distribution: Freeware
Size: 567kb
Players: 1-2
Rating: 5/5

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