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Chickens 2
Chickens 2 Screenshot It's hard to pigeon-hole 'Chickens 2', it's less an arcade game than a very interesting way to relieve stress. The basic premise of the game is that hundreds of cute little chickens scamper horizontally over your screen, and you - the player - using your mousepointer, must gun them down without mercy. On occasion a blue crystal will fly out of a chicken, rewarding you with some points and extra time. You fail in your task if either a chicken manages to cross your screen or you run out of time, and that, as they say, is that.

The graphics themselves are simplistic and colorful, and fit the mood of the game perfectly, from the cartoon-style backdrop to the flying giblets, the style is consistent and fun. The sound effects leave a little to be desired, but the *thump* of the gun is satisfyling meaty.

However the game has a couple of major flaws, for one, it's all over too quickly. My average game lasted two minutes before I was quickly overrun by hoardes of the little devils, leaving me with a high score of 26000, I would have appreciated more time in which to take out my anger on the poultry. The gameplay is also a tad shallow for my tastes, perhaps a few powerups and variations would have improved the game.

Bear in mind that the rather sick, graphic nature of the game makes it somewhat unsuitable for children. However, those looking for a quick, gore-filled blastfest to break the monotony, you could do worse than the tiny download that is Chickens 2. - Chris Robson

Download: Zip File
Publisher: BrainChild
Distribution: Freeware
Size: 19kb
Players: 1
Rating: 4/5

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