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Doomsday Screenshot There are several words I could use to describe 'Doomsday': Novel; interesting; gripping; fun; unfortunately not a word of it would be true. I shouldn't be too hard on the game, it has no allusions to be other than what it so plainly is, a simplistic, horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up. A generic product of the infamous Games Factory.

The basic premise of the game is as follows: Man has gun, man walks to the right, things appear, man shoots things, things die. Occasionally a thing will kill man, game over. It reminds me of a game called Cyberdyne Warrior I used to play on my Commodore 64, except that it's... Well... Not as good. The graphics are simplistic, if fairly amusing, the 'platform' element is woefully inadequate, involving occasionally climbing a ladder or jumping a hole in the ground and the depth of gameplay is akin to the depth of the average piece of paper. The monsters are boringly similar, and the 'power-ups' are a joke.

I found the best method of play was to hold down the fire button and tap right repeatedly, resulting in steady progress whilst killing most of the opposition before they can even get on-screen. I can testify for a fact that there are far better platformers out there on the shareware scene, and it would take a desperate man to wish to descend to the level of this below average, simplistic effort.

Avoid. - Chris Robson

Download: Zip File
Publisher: M. Österholm
Distribution: Freeware
Size: 946kb
Players: 1
Rating: 1/5

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