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Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem Screenshot Evil Dr Proton is trying to RULE the world and only Duke Nukem is our only hope in stoping him. The story does sound a little drull but it was playing the game that counts in 1991, game developers aren't story tellers but, game makers. It makes a change from saving Princess Toad Stool.

Duke Nukem was the best platform game on the PC for it's time. It's fast pace action made you want carry on playing it until your eyes popped out. Loads of power ups to collect, hundreds of aliens to destroy and complex levels to complete.

The only thing that bugs me with this game is that, you will miss your sound card when you playing such an old game.

If it wasn't for this game there would be NO DUKE NUKEM 3D! It's a thumbs up from me. - Paul Burden

Download: Zip File
Publisher: Apogee
Distribution: Shareware
Size: 280kb
Players: 1
Rating: 4/5

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