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Destruction Zone
Destruction Zone Screenshot D-Zone is an action shoot 'em up game where you take control of a tank (a triangle really), arm it up and blow away all your opponents. The games is pretty good as there are quite a lot of weapons you can arm your tanks with, and also other things like speed ups etc. Or you could just save up and by a new tank all together. There are different computers to fight against which fight in different ways, and also you can have team games where each team has to destroy the other teams base.

You can have 4 players on the same computer which is pretty good, but once someone has won a few games it gets harder and harder for the poorer players to get any money for weapons, so you'll have to make sure your good. - Dean Hughes

Download: Zip File
Publisher: ?
Distribution: Shareware
Size: 157kb
Players: 1-4
Rating: 3/5

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