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The Last Eichhof
The Last Eichhof Screenshot If you look up the word Novel in a Swiss dictionary, you will find this game in capital letters and bold type! Your object is to 'save the brewery of eichhof (with it's great beers) from the imperium of "big beers" '. You do this by flying around in a sooped up beer bottle bashing other bottles and crates until they have dirty great hangovers. Naturally.

After the end of each level, you can buy new bottles to attach onto your craft, and you can also place them where you see fit. The game itself is quite tough, sometimes a little annoying in places, but overall good fun. It is highly advisable to stock up on 'Bonus Guttere' or lives at the shop as you will find that you will be needing them.

There are no end of cheesey musical interludes and comments throughout the game, which greatly contribute to the download size, but not an awful lot to the game itself. You score in litres of beer you smash up, and the Highest Scorers are known as the Best Beers Drinkers! Overall, this is a game which tries to be a bit different around a normal theme, and succeeds to a certain measure. Download and see for yourself. - Tom Crofts

Download: Zip File
Publisher: ALPHA-HELIX
Distribution: Freeware
Size: 4.1mb
Players: 1
Rating: 3/5

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