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Flop Screenshot Now this is what I call a good tile game. I have never seen such an imaginative game, that has levels cleverly designed to make you think for a while.

There are three goals that you must do before you're allowed to completed the game. One is to collect all the yellow rings second, cover up all the dark tiles marked with an "X" with green tiles and third, get to the exit in fewer moves as possible, with this big red spot(Which is you).

There's a strategy part to this tile based game and that is, the green tiles. You can only move green tiles if there is black handles on them and that you're in front of the black handle. Some of the green tiles are cleverly placed to make you think about it for a while.

This game can get repetitive if you keep doing the wrong moves, but this game allows you to skip to the next level. So you'll never get stuck in a level for a long time. Plus if you've played all the levels and you've just about getting bord of playing the same old levels, then think again. This game allows you to make up your own levels. And its freeware too. Wow! - Paul Burden

Download: Zip File
Publisher: J. Summers
Distribution: Freeware
Size: 70kb
Players: 1
Rating: 4/5

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