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Logan's Run
Logan's Run Screenshot Logans Run is quite a good platformer, the graphics are very good, and it has some great features, such as rain, end level bosses, and some great graphic effects (especially when you die). In the game you have to run across the levels collecting power ups, the more you get the more weapons you can chose between, the weapons are really strange, but they are very effective.

There arn't many levels but the ones there are, are quite big, so it will keep you entertained for quite a while. There are some other good features, such as on the farm level if you run through the mud you will slow down.

Overall its a good platformer, and its still in Beta so the final thing should be great. - Dean Hughes

Download: Zip File
Publisher: Oddball Soft.
Distribution: Freeware
Size: 3.53mb
Players: 1
Rating: 4/5

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