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Matter Blaster 2
Matter Blaster 2 Screenshot Unleash chaos on your monitor in this game. You control 'rabid, planet gobbling antimatter droids from the land of infinity'. The idea is to go around and blast the other players, computer controlled or otherwise into next Tuesday with a variety of weapons that can be picked up in the playing field. The graphics are simple, but it's still fun to watch hundreds of shots bounce across the screen and explode. To liven things up (as if there wan't enough action), obstacles such as turrets, ice and exploding blocks have been placed to make getting around more challenging.

The game comes with a level editor and a weapons editor. It also allows you to change quite a number of settings, making it highly configurable. It also features mouse and joystick suppoprt. However, the less than par graphics can make locating your droid when all hell breaks loose rather irritating. Also, you are automatically transported to another part of the playing field with a new droid every time your old one blows up, and it's again hard to find the tiny little droid when this happens. Overall, it makes for a fun game when you bring your friends over. - Gary Yeh

Download: Zip File
Publisher: BenWare
Distribution: Shareware
Size: 191kb
Players: 1-4
Rating: 3/5

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