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Master Blaster II
Master Blaster II Screenshot Master Blaster II is a Bomberman/Dynablaster type game, you have to kill all the enemys by dropping bombs, and as the bombs blow up the walls around you they can reveal power-ups, which you can then collect.

Power-ups include the usual stuff like an extra bomb to drop, bigger bomb explosions, speed up, kick bombs and remote controlled bombs, but there are also some others which are quite interesting. Such as: a ghost which will turn you invisible and enable you to walk through anything, a Yin-Yan which will let you survive an explosion, Pneumatic hammer which will allow you to destroy walls by walking into them and quite a few more. You can also collect coins, at the end of each game you can then spend them in the shop, this allows you to buy power-ups so you will have them for the start of the next game, which is quite good.

Although the graphics for the levels are always the same the graphics for the character can be changed, anything from a punk to a robocop type thing! Also the game includes instructions on how to make a multi-player device, the device works like a multi-tap, allowing you to connect multiple joysticks/pads for use with the game, which is really great.

The only bad thing about the game is that some times when you have multiple people on the keyboard and you drop a bomb, sometimes you drop two, but it's no big thing. Also it seems that you move a little faster left and right than you do up and down, but I think thats the way the map is layed out. - Dean Hughes

Download: Zip File
Publisher: Diamond Prod.
Distribution: Shareware
Size: 865kb
Players: 1-5
Rating: 3/5

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