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Miniwar Screenshot Miniwar is a simple game where players control little stick men, you have to run around collecting weapons that fall in crates, you then use the weapons to kill your opponents. The game is 2-4 players only so if you've got no mates don't bother downloading it.

The levels are pretty simple but effective, some have lifts on them which your men can use to get to higher places. The game features some good weapons like the grenade and the cluster bomb which explodes into grenades.

If the game runs too fast you can set the speed at the command line by using -dx where x is the delay rate, the higher the delay the slower the game will run.

Another good feature about the game is that you can make your own levels, you simply follow the instructions in the text file and place your level under the levels folder.

The new version includes 2 new weapons, one of which is really cool, and a few new levels. Also the graphics have been changed a bit, now you can see what weapon you little stick guy is using, and now theres blood! - which you can alter to more or less, depending on how you like it. :) Also the keys are now configurable, which is a big improvement, and the game is now a smaller download! - Dean Hughes

Download: Zip File
Publisher: J. Aittoniemi
Distribution: Shareware
Size: 419kb
Players: 2-4
Rating: 5/5

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