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Nethack Screenshot NetHack is a rouge type game where you chose your adventurer type and descend into the dungeons, you can chose to be an Archeologist, Babarian, Caveman, Elf, Healer, Knight, Priest, Rouge, Samauri, Tourist, Valkyrie or a Wizard, all the characters vary from abilities to possesions. You start off on dungeon level 1 and you have to work your way down to find and return an amulet to the surface, the amulet is near the 20th level.

The game is great because there are always new things to do, and usually new ways to die. There seems to be an amazing amount of different monsters, I haven't met most of them yet but my characters have holucinated and seen plenty. There are a lot of weapons and armaments to find, buy or sell along the way, but somethings can be cursed which usually means they are not very good and you can't remove them, but there are various ways to get rid of the curses. There is a big emement of magic to the game as well, although you won't be albe to use much of it unless your a wizard, although with experience the other characters get better.

When you start the game you have a pet, the pet can help you by fighting monsters and various other things, the best use I have found for it is to make it take stuff out of shops, which means you don't have to pay, the game is really great, there are so many things to do it will keep you entertained for hours, although there are no sounds and the graphics are not amazing it makes up for it in gameplay.

Another big note is that there is not really much of a story to it, you can chat but usually it will be a one line reply, such as "The dwarf talks about mining". When the game is first installed when you play it it will be ASCII characters and nothing like the picture above, there are instructions on how to change the graphics to the tiled graphics (like in the screenshot) within one of the documentation files you get with the game. - Dean Hughes

Download: Zip File
Publisher: Dev Team
Distribution: Freeware
Size: 1mb
Players: 1
Rating: 5/5

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