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PLBM Pong Out
PLBM Pong Out Screenshot There are 2 classic bat and ball games in one here, Pong and brick out. You can chose which one you want to play.

PONG: Is your old Atari Classic with nothing different except that its got a few nice options: you can change the ball speed, size of the paddles and ball hit angle etc. You can of course have it one or two players so it does have a bit of lastibility if you are playing it with a friend but apart from that it's just the same old game.

BRICK-OUT: This is just your usual bat and ball game, you can control your paddle using the keys, Mouse or joystick - which ever you prefer. The good thing about this version is that if the ball hits the left side of the paddle the ball will fly of to the left side of the screen so you dont have to try and put spin on it to get where you want. There are no power-ups to collect you just have to get rid of the bricks and then go on to the next level, on each level it gets a bit faster, but there are only 3 levels unless you register.

Over all not a bad game but it would have been nice to have those power ups. - Mathew Watson

Download: Zip File
Publisher: PLBM
Distribution: Shareware
Size: 91kb
Players: 1-2
Rating: 2/5

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