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Real Golf
Real Golf Screenshot Real golf is different from most golf games out there, you have more control over the swing... well you will do once you get good at it. Moving the mouse back and fourth swings the club, and moving the mouse left and right moves the club closer or further away from the ball - it moves the end of the club further away or closer to you. The swing is really great, you can see just how much control you get over the guy, the game will take a while to master though because its easy to move the position of the club as you swing.

Like its name says this is "real golf", so once you hit the ball you've got to drive to it in your little buggy, if your having trouble finding your ball (you've hit it in those trees haven't you?) you can switch to the over head view and control your buggy from there, doing it this way is a lot faster.

The only downside to the game apart from its graphics is the evaluations period, you get 24 hours, then after that you can only play the first 2 holes of each course, although there is a patch available from the real golf web site which extends the evaluation period. - Dean Hughes

Download: Exe File
Publisher: E. M. Consulting
Distribution: Shareware
Size: 3.5mb
Players: 1
Rating: 2/5

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