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Zelda Classic
Zelda Classic Screenshot I downloaded this game having played the original version back on the NES. Having all ready played it before though, I could find a lot of things which still needed to be done to this game. A lot of the monsters didn't do things they should have, like shooting at you, or the Peahats didn't stop moving, so you couldn't actually kill them. Also the end of level bosses were not present on the version I downloaded, which made it a bit of an anticlimax at the end of a difficult level (but I think they are present now on the latest version). You couldn't also collect 5 gems, which made saving up money for expensive items fairly slow.

Having said this though, this is a good game which is probably worth downloading - if not now, then definately at a later date when the monsters do what they should and the odd bug is fixed. The gameplay is just the same as the NES, and the music and sound effects are just as good as the original.

Undoubtably, future versions of this game will get 4 and/or 5 stars due to Zelda being such a great game, but as it stands at the minute, it can only receive 3. As it says on their site, 'Zelda Classic is not finished. It is still a demo.' Watch this space for future exciting developments though.

Be sure to visit their web-site for constant updates to this game. Screenshots for newer versions are also constantly updated. There will undoubtable be newer versions up than the one I have reviewed. You will also need the setup program from the authors web site. - Tom Crofts

Download: Zip File
Publisher: Armageddon
Distribution: Freeware
Size: 993kb
Players: 1
Rating: 3/5

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